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Autodesk Civil 3D Essential Training

Autodesk Civil 3D is a design and documentation solution for civil engineering. By learning to use Civil 3D, you can improve project performance, maintain consistent data and processes, and respond faster to change. This course introduces the basics of the software to new Civil 3D users. .

Course Highlights

  • Navigating the Civil 3D interface
  • Using point groups and description keys
  • Importing survey data
  • Managing figures
  • Creating and analyzing surfaces
  • Creating parcels
  • Working with alignments
  • Working with profiles and profile views
  • Creating basic and advanced corridors
  • Using an intersection object
  • Making sample lines, cross-sections, and section views
  • Creating a pipe network
  • Creating and editing feature lines
  • Creating and editing grading objects
  • Creating view frames and sheets
  • Adding connections with the Steel tab tools

    AutoDesk Authorised Training Center (ATC) in Singapore


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.

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Course Code: M1006

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Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled, we will refund 100% to participants.
Note the venue of the training is subject to changes due to class size and availability of the classroom.
Note the minimal class size to start a class is 3 Pax.

Course Details

Day 1

Module 1. What Is Autodesk Civil 3D?

  • What is Autodesk Civil 3D?

Module 2. Civil 3D Interface

  • Application menu
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Ribbons
  • Toolspace
  • Civil 3D settings hierarchy
  • Panorama
  • Transparent commands
  • Inquiry tool

Module 3. Establishing Existing Conditions

  • What is the point? Styles
  • Managing points with point groups
  • Managing points with description keys
  • Survey databases
  • Importing survey data
  • Managing figures
  • Creating points within a drawing (COGO points)
  • Creating point tables

Module 4. Modeling a Surface

  • What is a surface?
  • Creating surfaces: Point group definition
  • Creating surfaces: Breakline definition
  • Creating surfaces: Boundary definition
  • Labeling surfaces
  • Volume surfaces
  • Analyzing a surface

Module 5. Layout of Parcels

  • What are Civil 3D sites and parcels?
  • Creating parcels from objects
  • Creating parcels by layout
  • Editing parcels
  • Labeling parcels: Segment labels
  • Labeling parcels: Label and renumber area labels
  • Parcel tags and tables

Module 6. Design Horizontal Geometry: Alignments

  • Sites, alignments, and alignment types
  • Creating alignments
  • Types of constraints
  • Editing alignments
  • Labeling alignments: Label sets
  • Labeling alignments: Point and segment labels
  • Offset alignments
  • Connected alignments

Module 7. Design Vertical Geometry: Profiles

  • Alignments, profiles, and profile views
  • Creating surface profiles and profile views
  • Creating layout profiles
  • Editing profiles
  • Labeling profiles
  • Labeling profile views
  • Profile view bands and band sets
  • Projecting objects to profile views
  • Linked profiles

Day 2

Module 8. 3D Corridors

  • What is a Civil 3D corridor?
  • Assemblies, subassemblies, points, links, and shapes
  • Creating an assembly
  • Creating a simple corridor
  • Corridor targeting
  • Corridor surfaces
  • Creating an advanced corridor: Cul-de-sac
  • Intersection objects
  • Bringing it all together

Module 9. Cross Sections

  • Sample lines, cross sections, section views, and relations
  • Creating sample lines and sections
  • Creating multiple section views
  • Code set styles
  • Labeling section views

Module 10. Gravity Pipe Networks

  • Understanding parts lists
  • Creating a pipe network
  • Editing a pipe network: Plan
  • Adding a pipe network to a profile view
  • Labeling a pipe network
  • Editing a pipe network: Profile view
  • Showing crossing pipes
  • Interferences

Module 11. Pressure Pipe Networks

  • Understanding pressure pipe networks
  • Creating a pressure pipe network
  • Adding a pressure pipe network to Profile view
  • Editing a pressure pipe network: Profile view

Module 12. Feature Lines

  • Feature lines and sites
  • Creating a feature line
  • Creating a feature line from an object
  • Editing feature line geometry
  • Editing feature line elevations

Module 13. Grading Objects

  • Grading criteria sets
  • Creating grading objects
  • Creating grading infills
  • Editing grading objects
  • Creating grading transitions

Module 14. Plan Production Tools

  • Creating view frames
  • Creating sheets

Course Admin


Who Should Attend

  • Architectural Designers
  • 3D Designers
  • Structure Designers


Revit TrainerJyoti Chopra has professional experience in teaching Autocad, 3DsMax and Revit in a recognized teaching institute. She has been rAutoCad teacher with 4 years of experience in teaching designing principles and introducing students to designing softwares. She hhas experience as Architectural Designer performing design, simulation and drafting of various residential and landscape projects in Singapore. Her skillsets are AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max. Adobe Photoshop and Furniture Design, Graphics, Sketching and 2D/3D Simulation. She is also Autodesk Certified Professional (Autocad)

Revit trainerBernadette graduated from the University of Melbourne, specialising in Architecture. She has a variety of soft skills from her vast exposure from designing to the building construction discipline. Since returning to Singapore in 2015, she too has worked in various fields aside from her full-time job as an Architectural Assistant such as teaching young children arts and crafts as well as educating professional working adults in their soft skills development. She has recently returned for her studies at the National University of Singapore in pursue of her further studies.

Revit trainerCharlie Chan graduated from Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts last mid-year. Under the major of Interior & Exhibition Design. Currently, He has been working in an architectural firm as an interior designer. He is familiar with AutoDesk software, as He used them both in school and work.

Revit TrainerNoel Kanaparthi has more than 2 years of experience in engineering analysis and design, Noel is primarily an Aerospace engineer with a primary focus in Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics with industrial and scholastic research experience using commercial computational software like ANSYSTM Fluent. Apart from starting his career as stress Engineer at Atkins in the Aerospace business, his project for almost a year included working on static stress for wing leading-edge ribs under Airbus’ A321 programme. After which he was temporarily seconded to another business as an HVAC engineer working for another year on Building Information Modelling (BIM) using REVIT software. Desiring to re-track to his primary forte which is aerodynamics, he went on to pursue a Masters course majoring in Turbulent Flow and Compressor Aerodynamics. Whilst being a student, he interned at Dyson in Singapore working on CFD and development for some of their most niche products. His passionate topics amongst his core include Turbo-compressors, aircraft conceptual design and internal and external aerodynamics

Revit TrainerJia Ye specializes in computational design and digital fabrication. She is not only proficient in 3D modeling software tools like Rhinoceros/Grasshopper, ArchiCAD, Revit /Dynamo, but also on programming languages such as python , C# and Java. Furthermore, she also has strong knowledge on Abobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign , After Effects and Premiere Pro due to her architecture education background.

Revit DesignerShirley Kwok is a registered instructor with the Ministry of Education since March 2016. She is currently a trainer for primary and secondary schools in Robotics Programming using Arduino, visual programming software Bitbloq, Scratch programming to create animation clips. She has trained more than 30 schools in Singapore. She is proficient in Rhinoceros, AutoCad, Revit, Solidworks, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Python, C#, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. DIVA, Vasari, Ecotect, Design Builder, Urban Network Analysis. She got an architectural degree from Singapore University of Technology and Design

Revit DesignerTracy graduated from Singapore University of Technology and Design with a Master's in Architecture in 2016. She is proficient in Rhinoceros, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, Vray, Lumion, Grasshopper, DIVA, digital fabrication, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. She is passionate about architecture and design. She believes that a strong technical background is key in achieving milestones in the design process.

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