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Crowdfunding Campaign with KickStarter Training

Crowdfunding allows you to find funding for your project or your company. There are many types of crowdfunding, many platforms to choose, and many pitfalls that can trip. In this course, you will learn strategies to successfully plan, design, and execute your own crowdfunding campaign. You will also learn how to launch and monitor a campaign in kickstarter platform, use the Project Creator interface, interact with backers via messages and comments, and more

The topics include:

  • Why crowdfund?
  • Recommended crowdfunding platforms
  • Finding and researching your audience
  • Planning your campaign
  • Breaking down your film budget
  • Creating a campaign video
  • Offering rewards and perks
  • Running your campaign
  • Creating a good Kickstarter profile
  • Analyzing a successful Kickstarter page
  • Building a campaign that explains your project
  • Staying connected to backers
  • Setting up shipping and rewards
  • Setting duration and funding goals
  • Creating pledge levels
  • Tracking Kickstarter campaigns
Course Code: M586

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Course Details

Module 1. Introduction to Crowd Funding

  • What is Crowd Funding?
  • Why Crowd Funding?
  • Types of Crowd Funding
  • Crowd Funding platforms

Module 2. Campaign Planning

  • Rearch your audience
  • Campaign Length Consideration
  • Campaign Budget 
  • Funding Goal

Module 3. Campaign Basics

  • Campaign Cotnent
  • Campaign Video
  • Rewards and Perks
  • Social Media Marketing to get fans

Module 4. Kickstarter Basics

  • What is Kickstarter
  • Create a Kickstarter profile
  • Exploring Kickstarter platform

Module 5. Create a Kickstarter Campaign

  • Set duration and funding goal
  • Create a reward strategy
  • Create pledge levels with reward strategy
  • Setup shipping 
  • Add your video
  • Create your FAQ
  • Response to messages
  • Track campaign progress with kicktraq

Who Should Attend

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Business owners
  3. Project Managers




Project Manager and Big Data TrainerTarun Sukhani is an IT executive, educator, author, speaker, data scientist, security expert, agile coach, polyglot coder, and entrepreneur with over 19 years of combined professional experience both in the U.S. and internationally. As a seasoned veteran, my expertise lies in leading teams in the design and delivery of highly scalable, concurrent, and performant enterprise software solutions with budgets of up to $100 million. I am particularly adept at building productive, self-managing agile teams with predictable velocities and delivery timeframes.

Tarun Sukhani is skilled in all phases of the SDLC/ALM, with a solid foundation in Agile (XP, SAFe, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban) and traditional (PMI and PRINCE2) project management frameworks and methodologies.

He is proficient in Big Data/Data Science: Hadoop, Pig, Hive, HBase, Spark, R/Rattle, Cassandra, YARN, Zookeeper, Mahout, SimpleCV, OpenCV

Advanced Java TrainerMohd Hafiz Ramly is a seasoned Information Technology (IT) System Administrator who is very passionate about technology and new ideas, especially when it comes to cloud computing. A lot of his research and time is spent focused on cloud computing automation, DevOps and as well to data and information security. His interests are very specific in terms of making the old fashioned IT way more easy to manage, smart and effective by focusing more towards automation, infrastructure as code and documentation, simply following the DevOps style.

Agile TrainerRosli Bakri is a project management consultant and trainer with more than 13 years of experience in Project Management, General Management and Solution Architecture especially on the Mobile BSS domain with expertise in LTE, HSPA evolution, E-GPRS, GSM and interconnect. He has been involved in various mobile operators and MVNO projects in Malaysia such as in Telekom Malaysia, P1, XOX, Umobile and Celcom.

Agile TrainerAlvin Anand is a an award winning regional senior manager with 14 years of experience to share from support services business and complex project implementations. A Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) certified trainer with globally recognized certifications. Heanaged up to 10 million USD of yearly revenue in the Information Communications Technology domain. Volunteer, speaker, emcee and Director of Public Relations in the board of Malaysian Chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI).

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